The Doomsday Genie

05: 17/ 08h45 

In the Middle East Apache gunships attack an agricultural station in the desert.

In Thirless, Arizona, MayEllen Reickhardt is waiting to meet her friend, Lucille Cordoba.  MayEllen and Lucille are cactus growers.  They plan to visit the annual convention in Phoenix.  They will never make it.

At the Ivan Wallin Field Reserve, an ecology station in the souther Mojave, Ake Johansson is carrying a roll of computer printout back to his office from the mainframe computer in the lab.  The printout – covering the last few days’ measurements in Sector 5-32 – is alarming. Soon Johansson will make an urgent callto his colleague, Kay McCann, at Berkeley. In Atlanta CDC-based Will grant is woken from sleep by a call from an ITU doctor at the Thirless Memorial Hospital. ‘Well, I’m telling you that this is a very strange case. We’ve already sent you specimens. I certainly hope you can help us.’

They don’t know it yet but it is already too late. Something extraordinary, something very frightening indeed, is emerging – and their lives will never be the same again.

Frank Ryan is an author with a remarkable eye for landscape and an equally fine ear for dialogue. In TIGER TIGER he portrays superbly the explosive tensions and deep-rooted passions of a rural community under violent pressure.

ISBN : 1-874082-25-1; CATEGORY : THRILLER; PAGES : 412; PRICE : £6.99; B-format paperback.

Available in paperback and kindle

Praise for Frank P Ryan’s Fiction

Magnificently tense.  THE SUNDAY TIMES

The page-turning and spine-chilling ability of a good novelist.  SUNDAY TELEGRAPH

The twists and turns from which he extricates his characters are very clever. To call (this book) a psychological thriller would be to understate it. This novel is a work of genius.  LIVERPOOL ECHO

Powerful atmospherics…Impressive story-telling throughout.  LITERARY REVIEW

It is…strength of character which is probably the most distinctive feature of Frank Ryan’s work.  IRISH POST

A riveting thriller…  PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

Well written… recommended for libraries.  LIBRARY JOURNAL

A riveting book.  ELLE


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