Book 4 of Frank P Ryan's bestselling


epic fantasy series, The Three Powers



 The Return of the Arinn:

Book 4 of The Three Powers Epic Fantasy Series 


Violence and war reigns on Tír as the dragon, Driftwood, returns Kate to join Alan and his friends, who are helping the young Kyra, and her vast army of Shee, to besiege the Tyrant's metropolis, Ghork Mega. Mo, baffled by the changes she senses within her own being, and terrified by the strange visions she encountered in the Valley of the Pyramids, is increasingly apprehensive about her own fate.

On Earth Mark and Nan accompany the crew of the Mamma Pig in fighting their way north through blazing townships, and the corrupt armies of Field Marshall Seebox, heading for the Rebel Headquarters, where they hope to enlist expert medical help to revive the unconscious druid, Padraig. In central London, within the monstrous edifice of the Black Rose, Penny is brainwashed by the Tyrant, in the guise of Jeremiah, who needs her genius to mastermind a plan for ultimate domination. Meanwhile Gully flees the endangered refuge of the Tudor Farm, heading into the darkness of a snowy night on a purloined bicycle. He is heading back into London to rescue Penny, little realising his own terrible danger.

Through the dominance of the Black Rose, and through Grimstone's malevolent manipulation of religion, the anarchy and disorder is spreading widely across Earth. A threatened America leads the President to send a cigar-smoking Kentuckian special advisor, Brett Lee Travis, to join the UK rebels. Brett persuades a reluctant crew to battle their way back to the perilous confines of inner London, and the immensely threatening Black Rose, so he can examine it himself and thus prepare for a final violent confrontation of modern military warfare against the Tyrant's forces of black magic.

So, as moment by moment, both worlds become increasingly embroiled in escalating conflict, at stake is the greatest prize of all - ultimate control of the Fáil, the force that controls all of the forces of magic on Tír, indeed that controls Destiny itself . . .


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