Book 1 of Frank P Ryan's bestselling


epic fantasy series, The Three Powers





Chance has brought together four teenagers in the historic Irish town of Clonmel. Alan is American, Kate Irish, and Mark and Mo, are Londoners. They share a terrible secret in common, one that cannot be coincidence, and it makes them wonder if it was fate, and not happenstance, that really brought them together.


On the summit of the fabled mountain, Slievenamon, they pass through the gate of Feimhin, to enter the war-ravaged world of Tír, a land of enchantment but also terrible danger. Here they set out to rescue the enslaved Olhyiu and avenge the murders of their own families - a seemingly impossible quest for their arch enemy, the Tyrant of the Wastelands, is said to be immortal. 


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The renowned artist, Mark Salwowski, has drawn up a series of vignettes of the characters that people the fantasy series, including Granny Dew, Ainé, the Kyra of the Shee, Qwenqwo Cuatzel, Alan, Kate, Mark and Mo, Garg warriors and, of course, the Temple Ship.  These illuminate the pages of a dedicated website at


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