Maximising your Pleasure from E-Books and Excerpts

Never had the pleasure of enjoying an e-book before?  There's nothing to it.  It costs nothing extra -- on the contrary it saves oodles of money.  All you need is free.  Let us help you...


Tips on How to Increase Your E-Reading Pleasure

We suggest that you upgrade your version of Adobe Reader to Reader 8.  Copy and paste this url into your explorer window for a free download of Adobe Reader 8.

Right click anywhere in your desktop and make a new folder.  Name it E-books, or E-library.  Save all future e-books and e-excerpts here so you can easily find them.  In future you can directly download books and excerpts into this folder.  If you have already downloaded them elsewhere, open them in Adobe reader and then save them into this folder.

Get into the habit of listening to music while your read.  May we recommend U2's, "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking for", while you read the introduction to The Doomsday Genie - on Frank Ryan's recommendation.  You can also load a good quality book cover image, such as Mark Salwowski's artwork for The Doomsday Genie, into your art or photo suite so you can enjoy Mark's artistic genius as you read.  Free downloads of high quality pictures of Mark's artwork and his precise conception of "the entity" are also available to our readers free of charge here:

When you are ready to read a book or excerpt, open Adobe Reader 8.

Click on "File", then open your e-book folder and click on the book or excerpt you want to read.  After it has opened, click "Tools".  (Note -- you can only do this when you have a book or ducument loaded in Adobe).  This will open a small drop-down menu.  Click "customise toolbars".  An extensive drop-down menu will appear.  Click in the small box to the left of an icon that looks like a black monitor screen with a vertical white oblong.  This is the "full screen mode" icon.  Ticking it will bring it onto the top of the page.  Click this icon on your viewing page.  It will make your screen look exactly like a page in a book.  You can move forwards and backwards using the arrow (navigation) keys.  If you want to exit "full screen mode", just press the Escape key and it will take you back to the basic Adobe Reader opening page.

Remember before exiting Reader to note the page number before you exit so you can quickly find your place when you return for more reading.

Enjoy the e-book experience!