Get to know best-selling author, Frank Ryan

  Frank Ryan



Frank Ryan is a distinguished and multiple-bestselling author, in the UK and

US.   He is one of those rare writers who can write fluently and engagingly in

both fiction and non-fiction. 


Frank's new fantasy title, The Twins of Moon, was published in May 2019.

His non-fiction includes Tuberculosis: The Greatest Story Never Told (in America

it was published as The Forgotten Plague), which was a non-fiction book of the

year for the New York Times.  First published by Swift Publishers in the UK, it

took front page reviews in The New York Times and The Washington Post as

well as lead reviews in The Daily Telegraph and New Scientist.  His Virus X

introduced the iconoclastic evolutionary concept of viruses as symbionts and his

Darwin's Blind Spot introduced the concept of genomic creativity as an umbrella

term for the pluripotential forces of evolution.  Virolution, published by

HarperCollins in 2009, has established Frank as a major force in

modern evolutionary theory, resulting in his being elected a Fellow of the

Linnean Society of London .


In addition to writing, Frank Ryan has directed his own commercial art gallery and has retained strong links with the artistic community. He is a gregarious and entertaining speaker, which has helped to make him popular with the live media. His philosophy is based on the importance of fun in everybody's daily life. He is married with two children and two grandchildren.


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