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Click here for the spectacular flash movie trailer of Frank's apocalyptic science fiction thr8iller, The Doomsday Genie.






Frank P Ryan's dazzling new epic fantasy, The Return of the Arinn

(Book 4, and final novel in "The Three Powers" best-selling

epic fantasy series) is now available for purchase here.

For more information, click on the cover above.






*** The Doomsday Genie, is Swift's top kindle seller for an astonishing 36

months in succession.  For more information click on the cover above. ***


 Other News





The spectacular US hardcovers of Frank P Ryan's best-selling epic fantasy

series, The Three Powers, will become complete on February 6 2017, with

publication of the fourth book, The Return of the Arinn.


Visitors can purchase signed and dedicated copies of Frank P Ryan's highly

praised fantasy novels, The Snowmelt River, The Tower of Bones and The

Sword of Feimhin, on our secure shopping page here.  For more information

visit Frank P Ryan's dedicated website, www.frankpryan.com.